Monday, September 19, 2016

Nayo M. - GH '17, Patient Education Materials at Sargur

Nayo enjoying coconut water.
During my six weeks in Sargur, I was given the task of creating patient education materials for a number of diseases. In order to narrow down my project, I spoke with the education department of the hospital and found that they were in most need of materials dealing with patients suffering from Alcoholism and Depression. After establishing my focus, I spent a couple of weeks researching and observing how alcoholism and depression affects people in the context of India and more specifically amongst the village communities that the Vivekananda Memorial Hospital serves. One important aspect of my research included shadowing my mentor, Dr. Chaitanya-Prasad a couple of times a week. During his rounds, I witnessed first-hand, the affects of long-term alcohol abuse on one’s health. I used all my observations to then come up with creative posters that would hopefully encourage patients to not engage is such activity. I was also able to create a four-minute informational video on Alcoholism and a few other posters advertising the hospital’s counseling department as a source of help. In addition to my project, I went ahead and created questionnaires for the counseling department. I was able to produce three questionnaires that the counselors would give to patients in order to screen them for alcoholism. Based on their results, the counselors would have an idea how far along the patient’s addiction was and if it improved after months of individual and family counsel.

Nayo and her mentor on her last day in Sargur, after her final presentation.
 I had a really great time working on this project. Alcoholism and depression are definitely problems in the US so it was a great opportunity to do research about it and use what I learned in India to possibly help those here in the US. What made my entire experience an unforgettable one were the people I met at the hospital and at SVYM. Everyone was so welcoming and happy to answer any questions I had. Minoring in Global Health is definitely one of the main highlights of my entire experience at Cornell. Being able to interact with like-minded individuals who all share the desire to be knowledgeable about global health and have a heart of service was truly gratifying. This was the perfect start to my journey in pursing a career in Global Health. 

Nayo learning to cook a South Indian dish in the Sargur canteen.


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