Monday, September 19, 2016

Ijeoma E. GH '17, Cerebral Palsy Pamphlets at Kenchenahalli

Ijoema sari shopping with Madam Sindhu, the Director of VIIS. 
My project is focused on an integrative approach using Western Medicine and Ayurveda to manage and treat Cerebral Palsy. I am working with Dr. Seetharam, Dr. Mohan and Dr. Arundhati, and the process has been very eye-opening. I am creating a patient education booklet and pamphlet for mothers to watch for the signs of abnormal development in their children. It has been very interesting learning about how certain practices cause harm to the fetus according to Ayurveda and how these can be avoided.

Besides working on the project, we interact with the staff members when they are free, play games outside, go on long walks by the water, and reflect on our experiences. Eating meals with the staff members also gives us the chance to get to know them and their land beyond the context of the professional environment, and I cherish these conversations the most. We are also lucky to be able to observe operations at both the Saragur and Kenchanahalli hospital. All of the doctors are so willing to teach us and show us around. Overall, my time here has been amazing and I hope to come back soon!

Ijeoma with several of the Kenchenahalli hospital staff members and their children.

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