Saturday, September 17, 2016

Birsena A. ILR '18 - Sneha Kiran Mysore Spastic Society

Namaskara! My name is Birsena (ILR ’18) and this summer I had the honor of being a part of Sneha Kiran Mysore Spastic Society, which is a school for children with Cerebral Palsy (CP). Sneha Kiran not only creates awareness about CP among the community members but also guarantees opportunities for children with CP participation in social activities and also excising their rights with in their own communities rather than getting isolated into institutions. Sneha Kiran gives children a chance to be a part of something and gives them a sense of belonging. The able-bodied children act as volunteers rushing to the aid of other children as friends.  I want to see that love reflected in the world I live in, where people rush to the aid of others and try to be the best versions of themselves when no one is watching.

Sneha Kiran Mysore Spastic Society - a school for children with Cerebral Palsy and other physical and mental disabilities.
At Sneha Kiran I was responsible for independently teaching classes with focus on individual children. I taught English, math, and environmental science to a class of 15 students with their ages ranging from 9 years old to 23 years old. Tara, another student from Cornell also at Sneha Kiran, was responsible for developing computer skills in individual sessions with students. The two of us tracked the progress of our assigned students and developed specialized teaching methods based on the student’s disability in order for students to learn most effectively. We fostered strong relationships with the students, volunteers, and teachers, which in turn led to a fluid line of communication that enhanced our experience.
Birsena and Tara worked with some students in the computer lab to enhance their cognitive thinking skills.

There is so much love Sneha Kiran, every single person is there because they want to be there. Being at Sneha Kiran for a month has taught me more about compassion and love than I ever could have imagined leaning. From the second I walked into school, to the second I walked out there was never one dull moment. Each day I was in absolute awe of the accomplishments every student made, and when they got excited it was genuine and contagious. I dare anyone to spend a day at Sneha Kiran and not leave with a smile on his or her face. Sneha Kiran created an environment that encouraged people who want to make positive change to join them. Every teacher there is there because they want to be there. I wish that everyone could experience the magic that is Sneha Kiran by participating in this program.
Tara (left) and Birsena (right) receive a farewell gift from their mentors at Sneha Kiran.


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