Saturday, September 17, 2016

Ingrid W. GH '18, Knee Pain Management Booklets at Kenchenahalli

Ingrid with Madam Sindhu, Director of VIIS
 All eight of us were adopted into Dr. Mohan and Dr. Arundhati family. They have become our home away from home. The staff at Kenchanahalli have given me so much joy. Shukmar’s kind words that welcome us to tea every day to Mahadevi’s “How are you?” to Gita’s outstanding Chapatis and Praveen’s smile are all integral components of making all of us feel at home in this beautiful place.
At this site is where I was stationed to complete my project which included creating a booklet and flipchart that discussed techniques to help Knee Pain Management. My goal was to create booklets that could be used by any member of rural Indian community, and therefore make it understandable so everyone could comprehend the material.
In the guest house at Kenchenhalli.
During my stay at Kenchanahalli, I participated a couple times with Deepa and Gowri in Yoga routines. I was able to learn the entire Surya Namaskara. Gawri showed me how to do proper patella mobilization practices like what was described in my individual project and she also helped me as we discussed how my project could be improved by inserting certain yoga practices into the knee healing process.

Last week I was able to have a massage called Janubasti from Dr. Arundhati, Gowri, and Putti. The message included a calf and ankle massage combined with heaps of hot oil rubbed and placed on and around my patella. This was so helpful for my project because it gave me a personal experience on how knee pain is treated using Ayurvedic methods. After two days of massage, I can really feel a difference in the amount of knee pain I experience.

Practicing Kannada language with students. 
India has been amazing, but it also has had its set of challenges. For example, Kenchanahalli is a much different environment to anything that I have ever experienced. It is much more isolated than I would have thought and being away from my family for seven months has been hard to deal with. The food is much spicier and my stomach could not adjust to it well.

Dr. Mohan, Ingrid's mentor, showing the students the view from roof of the guest house. 
However, I would not give this experience up for any type of issue and am so thankful for the peaceful environment that Kenchanahalli brings which I have come to appreciate so much.

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