Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Report from the Hosahalli Resource Centre, Aleksandra ILR'17

The past two weeks at Hosahalli Resource Centre have been enlightening to say the least. The Centre is made up of two schools: Viveka Tribal Centre for Learning (VTCL), which is the primary and high school for tribal children between the ages of five and fifteen, and the Vivekananda Teacher Training Resource Centre (VTTRC), which is a two year college program for future elementary school teachers. 
 So far I have been gathering pictures and information about both schools to update the VTTRC website and create a website for VTCL. During our free time, we interact with the teachers and students and try to push past the limits of our language barriers. The teachers are eager to learn about and compare the American educational system to their own, while the students are curious about our everyday lives, as well as taking as many pictures on our cameras as possible. We have already learned a lot from each other, even through simple exchanges of Kannada or English phrases.
As friendly and welcoming the environment is it has its challenges as well. It is little hard for me to work on a website with no web design background or connectivity to the Internet. I have to force myself to think outside the box, and use the information and resources I have wisely. This is much more easily said than done. Yet with such friendly and appreciative mentors who stress the importance of enjoying our work, it is hard not to do the best job possible. I have already learned much more during my stay in India than I have contributed. This is motivating me to provide the best services I can, regardless of my web development skills, in return for such a welcoming and informative atmosphere. 
At the Backwaters of the Kabini River Reservoir near the Hosahalli Resource Centre

With some of the VTCL students

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