Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A Wedding Celebration

An Indian wedding celebration differs from one in the West in that invitations are extended to friends,  both old and new.  On the flight to Bangalore, Katherine met Vin, who was traveling to India for his brother's wedding.  After a 9-hour flight, Vin extended an invitation to Katherine and her "friends" to attend his brother's wedding reception in Mysore (the first one was in Bangalore).  Knowing that this would be a once in a life time opportunity, Katherine confirmed with Vin that she could invite 25+ of her friends, and then the preparations were in motion.

Mme. Sindhu and Sararose stopping at a flower stand to select an arrangement for 
the bride and groom, Nikhila and Madhu. 

A few days before the event, selecting a sari.

Sejal helping Maddie.

The tailor met the team at the shop to take measurements for the blouses, and then delivered 15 them in few days!

The day of the event, Mme. Sindhu helping the team with their saris.

Katie Q. attaching jasmine flowers.

Leaving the hostel.

Katherine meeting Vin and his family at the reception.

Extending our best wishes to the bride and groom, Nikhila and Madhu. 

After the formal greeting, enjoying a fabulous meal.

Each tent featured a different dish.

Paan is a traditional after-dinner food, which aids in digestion after a large meal. 

One last group photo after an amazing evening celebrating the union of Madhu and Nikhila! 


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