Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Viveka Tribal Centre for Learning, Katie L. ILR'17

            While it only takes one day to fall in love with the kids and staff in Hosahalli, I have been lucky enough to spend two full weeks here. Since I started working, I have been observing the ins and outs of this school Viveka Tribal Centre for Learning. I have interviewed teachers, eaten alongside the students, toured their dormitories, taken part in their after school activities and sat in on a variety of classes covering multiple subjects, such as Kannada or Science, ranging from 1st to 10th standard (or grade). By the very nature of my project, I get to be a student, a teacher, an administrator, and an outsider. I am observing the school’s routine through these different roles and perspectives. More specifically, my project is a documentation of VTCL through the lens of three separate case studies.
            The first case study looks at the building structure of the school and how it encompasses VTCL’s philosophy. What’s particular about this school is the structure of an open classroom. This classroom has no windows or doors but rather large square openings to alleviate the feeling of constraint that comes from more formal classrooms. The second case study is on the schedule and overall daily routine of the school. I look at the attitude taken by teachers and students towards their class schedule and compare it to its implementation. The third and last case study takes a closer look at the children. Because VTCL prioritizes education for tribal students, this case study assesses the kind of role their specific tribe and background plays into their interactions with each other, if at all.
            My work aside, the kids and staff have made me feel so welcomed. Whether it’s at tea with the teachers or walking to lunch with the kids, everyone is so eager to talk to you. Their friendliness is infectious and you can’t help but feel a warm presence around the school. I have molded into such a comfortable routine that the line between work and play has blurred. I look forward to going to school, playing with the kids and talking to the teachers. As my time here is starting to wind down, it’s getting more and more difficult to ignore that I will have to eventually say goodbye. But while I may only get one month here, Hosahalli will always continue to be my manne, my home.
Open classrooms for 5th – 8th standard students

Whole school gathered for the daily morning prayer before starting classes as a student reads the day’s newspaper in English. Students in “free dress” because it’s a Wednesday.

Rachel and I with a few 10th standard students in front of their classroom

9th standard students taking English outside for the day’s lesson

Aleks walking back from the girls’ dormitory with a few of the girls

A painting done by one of the students Kala, 9th standard. Picture taken by Ravi, 6th standard.


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