Friday, May 29, 2015

Meet the 2015 India GSL ILR Team!


My name is Abigail and I am from Bethesda, Maryland, just outside of Washington D.C. I just finished my freshman year right in ILR, and am considering minors in business and law and society. At the moment, I think I would like to take my ILR education and apply it to the growth of businesses that work to employ people with disabilities. Or something else...I’m always changing my mind. Outside of school, I love traveling, exercising, reading, and phot ography, among other things.
This summer, I’ll be working at GRAAM analyzing the role of Corporate Social Responsibility in generating more universal practices for training, hiring and advancing people with disabilities. I’ll be looking at existing policy and practice and exploring how it can be modified to be most effective.
I'm unbelievably excited about this experience; I hope to immerse myself in the culture and work in order to learn about Indian work, labor, and culture in general.


My name is Aleksandra and I am a rising Junior at the ILR school. Growing up in New York City as exposed me to many various cultures from an early age, and has inspired me to travel around the world and experience different traditions first hand. My curiosity has brought me to India this summer in order to fully immerse myself in the Indian lifestyle. These next few weeks I will be working at the Viveka Tribal Center for Learning and the Vivekananda Teacher Training and Research Center in Hosahalli. My project will be to provide the teachers at the center with an online communication portal, in addition to teaching English classes during my free time. I am incredibly excited to be in such a culturally rich country, and to meet my fellow co-workers and students!

My name is Damian and I am from Pearl River, New York. I am a student in the School of Industrial and Labor Relations majoring in Industrial and Labor Relations. I am interested in potentially pursuing a law degree following my graduation. For my project I am working at the Grassroots Research and Advocacy Movement. There I will be involved in research regarding the relationship between rural governance structures, community participation, and development outcomes.


I am a rising senior in the ILR School. My current academic interests revolve around nonprofit administration and the socio-economic development of women and marginalized workers. While in Mysore, I will be collaborating with the Sneha Kiran Mysore Spastic Society (a school for children with cerebral palsy) on a project to raise money to expand the school's programs into rural areas. I am also interested in expanding my passion and knowledge of Yoga and Indian cooking while in India.


My name is Jack and I am an ILR junior from New York City. ILR has provided me with a fantastic background in some of my interests, international labor relations and various labor/ social justice movements. This summer I am lucky enough to be engaging in a project on the intersection between disability and child labor at GRAAM, a public policy institute, here in Mysore. In this role, I will be writing a literature review on various scholarly works. At Cornell I am a member of the Cornell Organization for Labor Action (COLA) and I work as a campus fellow for Mercy for Animals and as a research assistant. I’m extremely excited for this summer and I promise to keep you all updated!

Katie L.

Namaskaraa! My name is Katie L. and I am an ILR major from Los Angeles, California. While my academic interests vary widely, I plan to pursue minors in Business, Inequality Studies and Computer Science. Aside from academics, I love listening to music, playing the guitar, following the NBA (#clippernation), and watching an obscene amount of TV and movies.
            While I only get two weeks here in Mysore to learn from some of the most inspiring professors about the fascinating Indian history, culture and labor relations, my four-week project will be in Hosahalli—a rural village about 2 hours south of Mysore. In Hosahalli, I will be observing the school Viveka Tribal Center for Learning and documenting how the daily routine aligns with the school’s philosophy. I’m curious to see the differences and similarities of the tribal school and thrilled to interact with the kids and staff.
My time here in India has already been filled with such new, exciting, and thought-provoking experiences…and I’ve only just gotten started.

Katie Q.

Hi!  My name is Katie Q. and I’m a Masters student at Cornell’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations studying labor market policy.  Since getting my Bachelors in economics at Occidental College in Los Angeles, I lived in Spain and Germany and traveled extensively.  Having diverse exposure to work in the United States and abroad, I set my sights on applying my economics background to help improve labor markets and working conditions within a global context.  This leads me to Mysore, India, where I’ll be helping build a foundation for field research regarding the skill gap in rural India and appraising current rural livelihood policies for their effectiveness in closing that gap.


My name is Sararose and I am a rising sophomore in the ILR School at Cornell University. Originally from Washington DC, I am so excited to be traveling to India for the first time to take part in this program! My interests include traveling, running, volunteer and service work, Indian and African American literature, and ice skating. During my time in India I will be working with the Sneha Kiran of Mysore Spastic Society in Bogadi Mysore for their outreach program, providing multi-disciplinary therapeutic, educational and comprehensive rehabilitation services to children and young adults affected with cerebral palsy. It is my goal to not only render my support and care, but to also truly become a friend to all patients and students whose lives I will work to improve. 

Tara M.

Hello, my name is Tara M. and I am a rising junior in the ILR School at Cornell University. I am involved on campus as a Student Program Coordinator for the Cornell Team and Leadership Center and a member of the Society for Human Resource Management. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my parents, two sisters and dog at my home in Buffalo, NY.
For the project portion of this program, I will be designing and creating an Administrative Manual for the Vivekananda Teacher’s Training and Resource Center (VTTRC) in Hosahalli. This project requires consolidating VTTRC’s human resource structure, along with the background of its teachers and students. I look forward to this opportunity to learn about the procedures VTTRC employs in order to train tribal and rural youth in creative teaching necessary to improve learning outcomes in the tribal community.

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