Friday, September 21, 2012

Sargur: From A Global Health Scholar

There are six Cornell students staying in Saragur to complete our service projects; three of us in Global Health and three in ILR. We are living in a small building next to Vivekananda Memorial Hospital and eating our meals in the hospital canteen. Jen and I are currently in the beginning stages of our project, which focuses on developing educational videos for patients. Using iMovie software, we will be creating videos on a variety of health-related topics, including diabetes (specifically, self-administration of insulin), water and sanitation, and orthopedics. ILR Global Affairs Club at Cornell has donated both the recording and video equipment to the hospital so that videos can continue to be produced. In order to ensure the sustainability of this project, Jen and I will be training some hospital employees to use the equipment as we create the videos. We also want patients to be able to relate to the information presented in the videos so our mentor, Dr. Sridevi, is going to set up a time for us to talk with diabetic patients in the community. This will allow us to incorporate their perspectives into our videos. 

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