Friday, September 21, 2012

A Trip to the SVYM Sites!

Our first stop was the Vivkananda Memorial Hospital in Sargur. The facility is a secondary health center that has 40 beds. One of the focuses of the hospital is sanitation. It features a one of a kind “sanitation park” with many model toilets on display to demonstrate the affordability of toilet facilities. Next to the hospital is the Viveka School of Excellence, which is a primary school for children living in the area. Fun fact: The students going to Viveka School of Excellence are learning FOUR languages (Hindi, Kannada, Sanskrit, and English). Six students will be staying at working at these facilities.
Next we visited the primary health center in Kenchanahalli. This health center uses a combination of allopathic and Ayurvedic medicine to treat local communities which include many tribal villages. Two students will be working at this site on different projects concerning the Ayurveda and medicine allocation sectors of this health facility. The grounds were beautiful with many different natural medicines being grown directly in front of the front doors and the surrounding jungle atmosphere gave this site a unique and adventurous feel.

Last, we visited the Viveka Tribal Centre for Learning in Hosahalli. The school houses and facilitates for up to 400 tribal students each year. Classrooms for the youngest students are open to the outdoors to increase comfort and help transition students to the school setting. Two students will be working at this site.


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