Monday, June 9, 2014

Hullahalli Primary Healthcare Center Field Visit

By Alexandra W. ILR'17 & GH Minor and Irene T, GH'16

Rachel, GH Minor
On Tuesday, we had the opportunity to visit a primary health center in Hullahalli. After a bumpy journey through the scenic landscape outside of Mysore, we were welcomed by the community health workers, doctors, and other staff members of the center. We were kindly given a tour of the facilities, including outpatient care rooms, pregnancy recovery rooms, and the operating room. Some highlights of the tour included speaking to a pathologist in the laboratory, and looking at a recently prepared tuberculosis slide under a microscope. 
Global health minors, left to right, Rachel, Amanda H. (ILR), Alexandra (ILR), Irene, and Ankur.
We also saw the delivery room, where a wall displayed an organized chart concerning the age, pregnancy history, and other relevant factors of women expecting to deliver in the near future.
With informational posters lining the walls and stocked pharmacy shelves, it was clear how the facilities of this center provide necessary services for the community. At the end of the tour, we were able to speak to community health workers who work directly with residents of the area and travel to their homes. These women provide basic health services, with specific focus on maternal health. One thing that we found impressive were the prepared pregnancy kits that the government provides to all new mothers, which are stocked with helpful items such as diapers, soap and blankets. 
Post delivery kit given to low-income mothers.
The physicians were also excited to announce the upgrade of this primary health center to a newly constructed community health center in Hullahalli. We were so grateful for the hospitality of the workers who provided us with a wonderful interactive experience and the engaging opportunity to learn more about health care in India.
Clinic doctors and nurses with the GSL team.
The Global Health team with the clinic nursing staff.

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