Saturday, June 22, 2013

SVYM Potluck Dinner (Onella, GH'14)

Cornell students (working in Kenchenhalli and Sargur), along with other visiting students from the United Sates and United Kingdom, had the privilege of attending one of the monthly potlucks held on for the physicians and staff at the Vivekananda Memorial Hospitals in Kenchenhalli and Sargur. The event took place on Friday evening in the home of Dr. MA Balasubramanyam, the CEO of the Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement. It was an enjoyable evening filled with hearty laughs, entertaining games and good food. When prompted to suggest activities for the group, the American students managed to teach and lead engaging rounds of Rock-Paper-Scissors and Telephone. Those of us who were not sure how enjoyable these games would be were quickly silenced by the active participation of everyone present. 

The evening gave the students a chance to meet and interact with the staff at both hospitals in a relaxed environment. Whether it was a comparison of education systems across the world, a lesson on geography or a discussion on India's chances of winning the ICC Championships trophy this year, a conversation was it full swing at every corner of the lawn. Between the vibrant chatter, we were entertained with beautiful renditions by Dr. Dennis and Dr. Rashmi and were treated to a traditional Indian dance performance. By the time the food was about to be served, everyone was in a jovial mood. Not even the sudden down-pour of rain was able to place a damper the feeling of contentment that floated in the air. Those that were serving the food calmly moved to a room inside the house and the party continued. At the end of the night, everyone agreed that the event was a success.

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