Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dubare Elephant Training Camp

By Mary ILR '14 and Ashley ILR '14
On one of our various field trips, we got the amazing opportunity to visit Dubare Elephant camp.  The camp is home to nineteen elephants and allows visitors to observe, interact, and learn about these incredible creatures in their natural habitat. At certain parts of the day, visitors can view the elephants being bathed and fed. We were lucky enough to get there right before feeding time, so we had the chance to really interact with the animals.  
Karen (ILR '15) and Mary (ILR '14)

Mother and baby elephant
congregate to greet Dubare's visitors!

Even baby elephants gather around
for feeding time, giving visitors plenty
of  opportunities for photos.

During the visit we learned that several of the elephants that live at the camp take part in the famous Mysore Dasara, an event we had learned about it our Indian Culture and Civilization class. The Dasara is a ten day festival celebrating the victory of truth over evil, concluding with a grand procession of decorated elephants, the royal family, and an idol of the chief Goddess of Karnataka state. Interacting with such esteemed elephants was an awesome and memorable experience for us!

Ashley (ILR '14) shows how
close visitors can get to the elephants

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