Saturday, June 26, 2010

Evening at the Temple

Our second week in Bangalore has been phenomenal! The many experiences that Eva and I have lived through have been unforgettable. I remember Eva mentioning that she wanted to get a bike the first week we were here, however after a quick glance at the traffic she quickly changed her mind. If you think the NYC roads are dangerous, Bangalore will surely surprise you. Motorcycles are becoming more popular by the day, I still remember the first time I saw a woman in a saree driving a motorcycle! Eva and I opted for a different mode of transportation, an auto-rickshaw. A terror on wheels, which could otherwise be described as a golf-car with three wheels that usually has a plastic cover in case it rains. The first time we got into an auto-rickshaw we were both hoping that we would make it to work safely. These auto-rickshaws are also equipped with a meter, so if you ever visit India and don’t want to be over-charged ask the driver to use the meter.

Aside from our fun adventures on the rick’s (a popular name for the auto-rickshaws), Eva and I have been witnesses to the immense hospitality of Indian families. Our first Thursday in Bangalore, one of our co-workers invited us to her home and the temple her family attends. We went to her home right after work, where she introduced us to her mother, father, and younger sister. We had not even sat down yet, and her family was already bringing out delicious chai and fruit. We did not stay in her home too long because we had to arrive to the temple early. Our co-worker’s father gave Eva and me a small introduction to the temple through a brief story about Ganesha (the god they worship). Ganesha is said to have the body of a human and an elephant because the elephant’s trunk symbolizes concentration on details in life. Although an elephant’s trunk is opulent, it can pick up the minutest piece of grass. In the same way humans should follow Ganesha’s example to ignore distractions and only focus on the tasks that are important.

The atmosphere in the temple was very relaxing and peaceful even when the temple was situated outside in the middle of the buzzing Bangalore streets. All of the members sang and took turns passing the microphone around. Our co-worker’s father had a beautiful voice! No wonder he has toured all of the USA. After an hour all of the members began to pack up the equipment and food was shared by all the members. Afterwards, we went to dinner and Eva and I had a feast of North Indian and South Indian dishes. It was truly an unforgettable day.


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  1. hey nice to see a blog from far abroad this is atishay we had a word at the lunch at ball room iipm student looking forward for your visit to delhi... dont know your full name... i am sure delhi would be better...